How we work

ZOK – system s.r.o. offers products from standard serial production as well as atypical products according to the customer’s requirements, including the choice of material. The materials we work with are metal, plastic, glass and wood. Production capacities of ZOK – system are ready for processing all materials offered, including finishing and printing. In ZOK, we save the environment with eco-friendly flow and attitude.

Sales representative offers the possibilities, products and solutions to our clients. Sales representative receives and acquires client's requirements, collects informations, manages entire order in relation to the client, communicates and solves the fluidity of the project.
Based on client’s requirements, we will propose an ideal solution tailored to all needs. Designer creates visualisations, design previews in several variants from which the client can choose. The design is focused on functionality and material savings.
Based on an approved visualisation or assignment from a sales representative, we are able to quickly create product documentation that closely cooperates with our production department. Engineer is in the intense contact with designers, projectants  and technologists. Engineer prepares drawings, creates design solutions, develops new products, improves current products and adjusts product documentation delivered by the client.

We have our own production plant in Havlíčkův Brod equipped with modern technologies. This allows us to provide an extraordinary service to ur clients, with personal access. Thanks to our own production capacities, we can offer high quality, quick samples production, adherence to delivery terms and the capability of large-volume or even small-lot and piece production.
Workers control both the production process and the final product. They address the deficiencies and remedy them. Satisfied client is our goal.
Our stock receives and dispatches products, packs them, records and checks if everything is ready for shipping. For our clients we are able to offer our warehouse capacities for their products.
We have own company fleet of transport vehicles that allows us to transport large quantities of goods and products directly to central warehouses. Also we can transport just a few pieces or complete equipment into individual shops.
We have a huge experience in assembling products on site according to the client's wishes, so we are able to realize the complete assembly of the shop equipment, including the necessary constructional and technical modifications. Our teams work in numerous European countries.
Projection Construction Production Assembly

We use a wide range of materials
(metal, solid wood, laminate, plywood, plastic, plexiglass, glass and other special materials)

We can create various variants of product design
(shape, material, colour)

We communicate with our clients and consult everything with experts

Ing. arch. Iva Malinová
projectant, designer

We can create or modify the project documentation

Quickly made product samples

Flexibility of the design solution

Ladislav Král
Production Manager

Machine equipment of the production plant:

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 and TruFlow 2700 Laser.

TruPunch 3000 Die-cutter

Welding robot Panasonic TAWERS TL

Weber ES60SE 25D extrusion line for the production of price bar strips

We make over 100 km of price-tag strips monthly, in different variants. Our production capacity is more than 1,000 POS racks and 5,000 racks per month. Our offer includes over 10,000 products.  


Assemblies are carried in numerous European countries

Assembly in client's shop

Individual approach to each assembly